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Employee Acquisition

TrustPower consults businesses, institutions and organisations about the entire value added chain. We are your partner nationally and abroad when it comes to choosing the right managers or specialists.

With over 1000 successful consultations, we have established ourselves as one of Germany's key personnel management consulting firms, with a track record spanning over two decades.

We not only advise you as a key player in your company's decision making role in personnel issues, we are also your partner in your search for a new career path. Our advantage is knowing the issues on both sides of the personnel management playing field.

The personnel managers we consult receive from us a confidential report of qualifying candidates from which to choose. We will have scrutinised each applicant through our web-based, telephone, written and face-to-face screening process. As we see it, our main task is supporting you and the job candidates in plotting future plans.

Our network is up and running to support you on your road to success.


Personnel Development

Assessment Center

TrustPower recommends using the assessment centre approach for effective employee recruitment and for long-term personnel development. It is evident that assessment centres are the basis of founded business decision-making results and professionally managed personnel development and recruitment processes.

By implementing our concepts, such as coaching you in reality-like settings and in sector-specific scenarios, for example, we can guarantee you calculable success. By applying the assessment centre, not only will you give your business a modern and professional look, you will also increase, from the first step onwards, the effectiveness of your employees.

TrustPower looks forward to talking to you about ways of conceptualizing and implementing your company's individual and group assessment centres.


Personnel Development

Management Audit

TrustPower's auditing approach uses the most professional tools available in order to analyze the profiles of your nationally and internationally based managers - focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. In keeping within the framework of our pre-set guidelines, we discuss each profile together with you and the audited employee.

TrustPower has founded expertise in the following areas:

  • Acquisition, shareholding and post-merger management
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Management buy-outs
  • Internationalization of the management

Because of the rapidly changing processes of the world economy we strongly recommend us as consultants of your Management Audits.


Personnel Development

Team building

TrustPower offers workshops in German and English aimed at helping your team to develop and establish goals and plans of action. Goals, for example, might include major themes surrounding company mergers and acquisitions. The workshops offer solutions aimed at obtaining measurable increases in short and midterm profits - particularly effective for sales teams.

We are also able to optimize teamwork methods and work routines, even for other departments, through the implementation of effective organisational development measures.

The themes we cover are:

• Optimisation of work routines and interfaces
• Improving cooperation through conflict management
• Improving cooperation of international key players

As a result of our many years' experience, we know that effective leadership usually develops from effective organisational skills rather than from personality.


Personnel Development


Statistically speaking, three quarters of all mergers are not achieving the synergies that had been predicted. The most common barriers tend to be cultural insensitivity, the lack of integration of affected persons, absence of organizational integration as well as inflexible personnel structures.

TrustPower holds the key. Our experience has given us the capacity to develop an effective master plan for coping with the difficult tasks associated with mergers. Taking into account the organisational structure of your company, management positions, employee performance as well as the operational business activities of your company, we are able to develop the right methods for you to implement.

With TrustPower, you will be able to find the right personnel management solutions required in any post-merger integration process.


Strategic Management

TrustPower uses strategic management approaches in positioning you as an attractive employer, on the national and international marketplace. We tailor our consulting activities basing them on your recruiting requirements.

Our marketing know-how and experience in personnel consulting has given us a leading edge in supporting our client's goals.

Your acquisition of the right managers and specialists are a result of our consulting activities. Our work, however, goes beyond the hiring process. We also confer with you on how to maintain employee satisfaction - imperative in sustaining a positive public image.

Through our good contacts to the media, publishers and online-providers, we have been able to position our clients as ideal employers. Strategic management techniques give us the ability to make sure that our clients are portrayed in an attractive yet authentic a picture.

Because of the ever growing competition at acquiring managers and specialists, TrustPower is suited to be your constant guide and trend scout.


Support in Distribution

TrustPower is specialised at finding the manpower you need at all company levels - in particular in the area of distribution and sales. Our clients are given long-term support. The searches we conduct for them lead to an almost 100% success rate.

The key to our success results from the intensive, long-term consulting we provide our clients. We involve our clients when it comes to defining what an "ideal candidate" is. Together we take into account the capabilities, talents and experiences of each applicant. A part of our daily work is locating of the right sales people experienced in economics, industry and trade.

Our know-how allows us to focus on and to evaluate the suitability and qualifications of each candidate - in particular those involved in sales. We will not only introduce you to the best candidates, we will also guide you through the interviewing process and beyond - a service not usually provided by our competitors.

TrustPower - a commitment to distribution support which pays off.


Executive Consulting

TrustPower works with top-managers to give them the added executive know-how they need. Our forte of being able to take an entrepreneurial point of view gives us an effective business administration edge.

TrustPower knows how to find its way through the corridors of all corporate levels and gain confidence and respect with each client. We understand the intricacies that are required for running family-run enterprises as well as those essential for managing multinational corporations.

Advantage for small and medium sized enterprises:
Through us, you get the valuable corporate know-how you need. TrustPower optimizes your leveraging power because we understand how to appropriately fit useful corporate structures into smaller enterprises.

Through divestments and repositioning, we are able to guarantee fast, practical and goal-oriented results. To achieve this, each company and each manager needs to be consulted in a tailor-made fashion.